Photo by AFGE According to researchers looking into social conditions in inner city America, sleep quality is not colour-blind. Whilst, the causes are not yet fully understood, the results of new research show that your racial origin is related to the amount and quality of sleep you can expect to get each night.

Many factors including socio-economics are thought to be responsible for these results, but the findings are clear – Hispanics, Asians and blacks are consistently shown to experience more sleep problems than whites.

Dr Michael A. Grander, one of the researchers at the University of Pennsylvania commented on the findings by saying, “we’re not at a point where we can say for certain is it nature versus nurture, is it race or is it socioeconomics,” But when it comes to sleep issues, “there is a unique factor of race we’re still trying to understand.”

Original story from the New York Times

“The idea that race or ethnicity might help determine how well people sleep is relatively new among sleep researchers. But in the few short years that epidemiologists, demographers and psychologists have been studying the link, they have repeatedly come to the same conclusion: In the United States, at least, sleep is not colorblind.

Non-Hispanic whites get more and better-quality sleep than people of other races, studies repeatedly show. Blacks are the most likely to get shorter, more restless sleep.

What researchers don’t yet know is why.”

Photo by Kheel Center, Cornell University

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