20 ways to stay energized during the day (without caffeine)

Falling asleep at night is great. Falling asleep while you are at work isn’t.

While that may be incredibly obvious sounding, staying awake and energized at work is something that most people struggle with. That post-lunch dip is especially tough and can be a productivity killer.

Although some people combat it with sugary sodas or caffeine, that can often do more harm than good. It can cause the inevitable crash and caffeine that late in the day can lead to problems trying to fall asleep later. This can start an endless cycle.

So, what can you do to boost energy naturally? Luckily, this infographic has outlined 20 ways to get more energy. Not only can you recharge your batteries during the work day by doing things like going for walks, working out or listening to music, but you can also try to sync with your own circadian rhythm to get your full body in tune.

You can see the whole article on their site or check out the infographic below:

20 ways to boost your energy naturally