5 sleep hacks to boost your productivity

It’s no secret that you’re a better person, employee, partner, and parent when you’ve gotten a solid night of sleep. In fact sleep has become known as one of the most important parts of productivity. It’s also become one of the first things sacrificed to keep up in the modern world.

What’s replaced sleep are things like energy drinks, expensive gourmet coffees, and other unhealthy alternatives for keeping up with the pace of modern life. But why are we bothering to bombard our bodies with unnecessary stimulants if the solution is as simple as getting higher quality sleep. Notice how I didn’t mention the need for a longer period of sleep.

Sure, some extra time spent sleeping won’t hurt but our first excuse is always, “Oh, I can only sleep four hours a night!” Fine. But focus on shifting those four hours of sleep into a quality of sleep that feels like you’ve gotten 6 hours.

If you’re super serious about your quality of sleep and want to super-charge other aspects of your life, making 2015 your best year ever, then try altering your sleep environment with some of the tips I outline below.

1) Sleep in pitch darkness

No excuses or compromising when it comes to this. When darkness falls, the body releases melatonin which helps prepare us for sleep. However modern lighting sometimes blocks this hormone from being released.

In addition we compound the problem by leaving lights on the in hallway or other places where it can sneak into our rooms, further suppressing the release of melatonin. Napoleon Bonaparte was known to sleep in a room alone, despite having a wife and mistresses, because he knew how much more effective he’d be with a good night’s sleep under his belt.

2) Keep the room cool

The perfect sleep environment includes some naturally cool air coming in through a bedroom window slightly ajar. When you’ve got the room to toasty warm you’re not benefitting from the natural sleep-inducing effect of lower temperatures.

3) Your bed is for sleeping

Banning everything electronic and distracting from your sleeping environment is key. Electronic screens will emit blue light that stimulates your mind, hinders the production of melatonin, and ultimately ruins your chances at having quality sleep.

Reading from a traditional book is debatable but if you’re looking to make sure you get quality sleep, read in the living room before moving to the bed. Oh, and don’t read anything complex or work related.

4) Clear your mind

I know, I know. Everyone is recommending the powerful, “magic,” of meditation for everything in life. And sure it might sound like hocus-pocus fairy-dust antics, but since I started meditating in bed before drifting off, I’ve noticed I don’t spend so much time awake in bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking to myself. I’ve begun reaping these benefits after only about 23 days of strict meditation before bed. It’s worth a shot, seriously.

5) Get disciplined

If you’re not putting sleep ahead of everything else then you’re sending a strong message to yourself, the universe, and to everyone with whom you do business. Lacking in quality sleep is one of the largest statements about how little self-respect & discipline you have in life, which are necessary for success in life.

After all, who’ll respect someone who doesn’t care about themselves? Become someone worth helping before you ask people for their help.

Sometimes our lives aren’t in our control and we’re just along for the ride. When you’ve got a serious sleeping disorder that only a doctor can counsel you on, it’s important to remember that you remain some control over your sleeping, herein discussed as the control over your sleeping environment.

Don’t be so quick to rush into prescription medications, addictive and unhealthy beverages, or other methods of getting quality sleep when there is often more control in your life then you think.

Photo by takebackyourhealthconference

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