5 ways to get out of bed easier during cold winter mornings

Winter is dreary and cold and unpleasant isn’t it? Dark mornings can make getting up for work much harder than usual, and staying snuggled under the duvet is often a very inviting prospect. But sadly we aren’t dormice, and we can’t hibernate through winter. Instead why not try some of these tips to make getting out of bed a little easier on winter mornings.

Set a pleasant alarm

If you have a hideous noisy alarm you will be startled awake and resent it every day. Instead why not buy a radio alarm and tune it to a calming radio station? Wouldn’t you rather wake up to some soft classical music than a repetitive wailing noise? It will also awaken you gradually, making the waking up process seem much more natural.

Set a timer on the central heating

The last thing you want to do is get out from under your warm cosy duvet when it’s minus 5 outside. Make the prospect slightly more inviting by setting your central heating to turn on before you actually get up – then the house will be warm(er) and you won’t have as much of an excuse for staying in bed.

If you’re really organised you could even plan ahead by putting the clothes you’re going to wear the next day on the radiator before you go to bed. They will be warm and cosy ready for when you have to put them on.

Programme your coffee machine

Just like the central heating, if you have a coffee machine you should be able to program it to make your morning brew for you. If the tantilising scent of freshly brewed coffee can’t drag you out of bed then I don’t know what will.

Shower as soon as you get out of bed

Nothing gets your circulation going like an invigorating shower. Wash off the remnants of your drowsy self and emerge awakened and ready to go. Using a zingy shower gel like mint or lime will awaken your senses and leave you feeling refreshed.

Make sure there’s something warm to eat for breakfast

No I don’t mean you should cook yourself a full English breakfast! But if you stock up on some good winter warming breakfast it might just encourage you to drag yourself out of bed. Porridge with golden syrup is a good idea, or Weetabix with hot milk. Countless studies have shown that a good healthy breakfast gives you energy and sets you up for the day.

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