About Us

Sleep is god, go worship*

Sleep in the 21st century has become complicated.

A 24/7 society that turns night into day. An economic system that rewards productivity and scorns rest. Digital media that fills every waking hour.

For many, sleep is just an inconvenience; an interruption to the incessant pulse of modern life.

So we’re here to drag sleep from the margins and into the spotlight

Our mission is to educate, raise awareness and let people know that sleep is not “a criminal waste of time”,  it’s a life-giving, life-changing activity, one that makes you fitter, stronger, smarter, happier and healthier.

Sleep makes us human

Sleep is the vital counterpoint to a hectic, conscious, waking existence.

It’s the time for laying down memories, editing our identities night by night.

It is the domain of dreams, creativity, inspiration, hope and comfort.

It reminds us we are part of nature – relying on the sun and moon to synchronise our internal clocks.

Simply speaking, without sleep, we cease to live.

What you’ll find at Sleep Junkies

We publish a range of content covering every aspect of sleep, from blog posts to interviews, feature articles, product reviews, and news.

We delve into sleep science, health, culture, technology and much more.

We take pride to ensure our content is well-researched, but easy to digest.


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Thanks for visiting. Sleep well.

Jeff Mann

Founder and editor of Sleep Junkies

*Quote by Jim Butcher | Image Credit: Noel Counihan “Sleep”