045: AI, wearables and the future of sleep medicine – Dr Cathy Goldstein

Artificial intelligence is the vanguard of a new technological revolution that will affect all aspects of human society.

Our work, our health, the cars we drive, even the media we consume – all will be radically transformed in the coming years and decades by ‘intelligent machines’. Essentially, these are computers that have learnt how to do many of the tasks we thought only humans were capable of. But the difference is, AI can do things quicker, more accurately, and of course, without needing human intervention.

Sleep medicine will not be an exception to this march of progress. So much so, that earlier this year, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) issued a position statement, outlining a roadmap for sleep professionals to start engaging now with the multifaceted ways that AI will inevitably impact on patient care, diagnostics, staff allocation, treatment protocols and much more.

We talk to Dr Cathy Goldstein, neurologist, and chair of the AASM’s committee on AI about how artificial intelligence will shape the field of sleep medicine in coming years, and also how Dr Goldstein’s own research into longitudinal sleep tracking with consumer wearables may also play a role in expanding our vision for how we manage sleep health outside of the clinic.

This episode’s guest:

Dr Cathy Goldstein

Cathy Goldstein, MD, is an Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Michigan and faculty in the Sleep Disorders Center. Her current research focus, through work with mathematics, is the improvement of sleep tracking via algorithm development and validation using consumer sensors.

The ultimate goal of this work is more accurate longitudinal sleep estimation for performance and precision health applications. Dr. Goldstein has a passion for teaching and her educational roles have included University of Michigan athletes, trainers, and coaches and medical school faculty and trainees. She has helped disseminate sleep health and wellness to the general public through pieces in numerous media outlets.

Dr. Goldstein works to promote the adoption of cutting edge technology in sleep medicine as the chair of the national committee on AI in sleep medicine.

Dr.Goldstein has a passion for education that spans colleagues, trainees, patients and the public. In addition to her clinical work, she holds various leadership roles including Associate Editor for the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, Circadian Sleep-Wake Rhythm Disorders Section Editor of UpToDate, and committee work through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

University of Michigan: https://medicine.umich.edu/dept/neurology/cathy-goldstein-md-ms

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cathygo_sleep

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