022: ASMR: a sleep expert’s perspective – Stephanie Romiszewski

In just 10 years, ASMR has grown from a fringe Youtube trend into a mainstream cultural phenomenon, boasting billions of video views, and even a Superbowl commercial.

Despite millions claiming that ASMR induces relaxation and helps them to get to sleep, there is still only a tiny body of scientific research to lend any credence to this often bizarre phenomenon.

In today’s episode we speak to sleep physiologist Stephanie Romiszewski, who teamed up last year in a video collaboration with popular ASMR content creator Emma Smith aka ‘Whispers Red’ to produce the first ever sleep education video in an ASMR format.

We take a deep dive into ASMR, exploring the science, the history, and how ASMR fits into the existing tools and techniques that ordinary folks and sleep professionals can employ to aid relaxation and perhaps better sleep too.

This episode’s guest:

Stephanie Romiszewski ASMR podcast

Stephanie Romiszewski is a specialist sleep physiologist and Director of Sleepyhead Clinic. With a Master’s degree focused in Behavioural sleep Medicine, Stephanie has a demonstrated history of working in the sleep medicine and wellness industry, as a research scientist, clinician and spokesperson. Stephanie is skilled in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders, disseminating science to the public through television media and medical/legal work. 

Sleepyhead Clinic ASMR video collaboration with WhispersRedASMR


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