Where do you start when you’re looking for a new mattress? Here are some essential pointers to help you choose the perfect mattress.

Did you know that people spend approximately one-third of their lives asleep? Sleep plays a major role when it comes to people’s general health, not only physical but mental and spiritual as well.

Our bodies are programmed to repair and improve themselves during these hours of suspended consciousness and in order to function properly, an average adult requires 7.5-9 hours of sleep every night.

Of course, the type of your mattress can greatly affect the overall quality of your sleep, so it’s important to learn how to choose the one suitable for you. If you wish to avoid stiffness, back and neck pains and improve your general health, then it’s crucial to thoroughly research the various types of mattress so you’d be able to find the an appropriate one.

Types of mattresses

There are four main types of mattresses which differ in manufacturing processes and price ranges as well. It’s crucial to realize that the price isn’t the determining factor when it comes to choosing a perfect mattress and that the most expensive one isn’t necessarily the best one for you.

This being said, if you’re looking for a frugal and versatile option, then the best solution is to opt for a coil mattress. You can choose between continuous coil mattresses which are made from a single looped wire and open coil mattresses, that are made of single springs fixed together by one wire. While they can provide a good night’s sleep, the springs are known to sometimes cause back pains.

If you want a mattress that’s going to fit the shape of your body, memory foam mattresses are just the thing for you. They’re known to reduce pressure pains and relive pain, but can also be quite pricy.

Another option are latex mattresses which are praised for their firmness and durability. Lastly, air mattresses can greatly benefit those who are looking for a solid foundation, but are known to lack movement absorption.

If none of these types suit you, there’s always an option of choosing an adjustable mattress, which are mainly designed for those with medical issues and movement impairments, as they provide multiple positions.

Support: hard vs soft mattresses

One of the main factors when choosing a good mattress is making sure that it provides the right kind of support. Many people tend to believe that hard and firm mattresses will give them the support they require.

This isn’t necessarily true. Sometimes choosing a medium firm bed with the right type of supportive cushioning will be a better choice than simply choosing the firmest mattress.

It’s also important to carefully read the labels; if a mattress is labelled as orthopaedic, it doesn’t guarantee any medical standards, it only means that the mattress is extra firm. Of course, everybody requires a different level of support and firmness from their mattress and that’s exactly why it’s crucial to take the time to try out different mattress types so you’d choose something that’ll accommodate your weight and build.


Similar to choosing blankets and pillows, when choosing a mattress, you also need to think about the materials and fabrics which were used in the manufacturing process. Lately, there have been many talks about organic mattresses, which are made from untreated wool, organic cotton or natural latex.

Of course, the size and the height of your mattress are also important factors to consider. King-sized mattresses are always a better option for those suffering from various back and neck pains, as they provide more place for adjusting to a comfortable position. It’s also a good idea to choose a low mattress that’ll make getting in and out of bed that much easier.

Keeping in mind the importance of sleep for our health and the urgency of having a good foundation to sleep on, purchasing a quality mattress is a big investment in your overall health. In order to find the one suitable for yourself, the best option is to consult with your physician before making the final purchase. This’ll help you cover all the aspects of finding a mattress that’ll satisfy all your needs.

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