Apps for sleep apnea

Best iPhone apps for sleep apnea

Here are some of the best iPhone apps that can help sleep apnea sufferers

Sleep apnea can be a scary thing. There are worse conditions to have, certainly, but it can nevertheless be very scary. The fact that many of us may go years without realizing that we suffer from the condition only serves to make it that much more frightening.

Luckily, as awareness of the condition grows, so too does our knowledge of sleep apnea and our methods for dealing with it. These apps may not cure you overnight, but they can help you sleep a little easier with many features including sleep tracking, detecting movement and snoring, and providing valuable metrics to answer your sleep problems.

Home Sleep Apnea A-Z

Home Sleep Apnea A-Z is a comprehensive resource intended to answer just about every question you could have on the condition. It aims to be sort of the one–and-only app for those dealing with sleep apnea. If it were perfect, it would be the only app on this list, of course, but it does form a solid foundation for your sleep apnea app library.

Sleep Assess

A vital app for fully understanding your condition, Sleep Assess is a simple app that helps you to determine whether you’re dealing with sleep apnea or something else based on whether or not you snore, waking up feeling tired and so on. Sleep Assess is a must if you’re not diagnosed with the condition but have a sneaking suspicion.

Sleep Apnea Monitor

As the name of this app implies, Sleep Apnea Monitor helps you to monitor your condition.Sleep Apnea Monitor tracks a number of data points in order to let you know exactly where you’re at with regards to your condition.

Some of us find that quitting smoking or otherwise changing habits can help us to overcome the condition, and Sleep Apnea Monitor does a good job of helping us to see how much progress we’ve made.


Soundly is a new innovation that reduces snoring through the novel use of a space-invaders type video game controlled by voice gestures.

Research has shown that using vocalisation techniques or even playing certain musical instruments like the digeridoo can improve snoring and the symptoms of sleep apnea by strengthening the muscles in your breathing airway.

Find out more at Soundly

Sleep Connect

Sleep Connect is a sort of social app/resource for those suffering with sleep apnea. The app connects you with other users also suffering with the condition, and gets you the information that you need on the condition on the fly.

Getting support from similarly afflicted people is always beneficial whether we’re talking about addiction or something like sleep apnea, so this one is a must-grab. Sleep apnea is a real condition with real sufferers, and this app is a reminder of that fact.

Again, these apps may not cure your condition immediately, but they will help you to monitor, track and handle your condition much more effectively.

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