CES 2020: roundup of latest sleep-tech

CES 2020 sleep tech roundup

It’s that time of year again. CES 2020, the world’s largest showcase of consumer gadgets is upon us, so we’re here to bring you a roundup of some of the most interesting sleep tech at the exhibition.

It was at CES 2018 that consumer sleep technology first made a splash, boosted by a pavilion hosted by the National Sleep Foundation. Since then, sleep-tech has established itself as a growing and innovative niche of the health and wellness technology industry.

Consumer sleep-tech includes a hugely diverse range of devices; wearables, smart beds, hi-tech sleep aids, snoring solutions, baby sleep gadgets and lots more. With over 4500 companies exhibiting products this year at CES 2020, we couldn’t cover every new sleep gadget and gizmo on show, so instead here’s a roundup of what we consider to be some of the most bring you some of the most exciting new innovations to watch out for this year.

Withings Scan Watch

Hybrid smart watch with sleep apnea smarts
Withings ScanWatch sleep apnea detection

Billed as ‘the most advanced health wearable ever designed’ the Withings Scan Watch is the latest offering from the French company. A revamp of its Steel HR line of hybrid fitness watches, the Scan Watch has a traditional clock face with two additional displays – Withings’ activity dial and a multifunctional PMOLED display.

The biggest innovation of the Scan Watch is the built-in ECG (electrocardiogram ) to monitor your heart health and send notifications when your heart rate is too low or high or if irregular rhythms are detected.

But Scan Watch also features an Sp02 sensor on the back of the watch, which scans changes in blood color to determine your oxygen saturation level in real time. By activating the Overnight Scan features, Scan Watch is able to reveal whether apnea episodes (interrupted breathing) have occurred during the night.

With an estimated 8 in 10 cases going undetected, the Scan Watch could prove to be an effective intervention to help tackle the huge problem of undiagnosed sleep apnea.

Our Verdict: Scan Watch is evolutionary, not revolutionary, but builds on the strengths and experience of the Withings smart watch range, ramping up the health smarts and providing an elegant solution to address cases of unidentified sleep apnea

Price and availability: Scan Watch is expected to arrive in Q2 2020 and will retail at $249 . Withings On Amazon

More Info: https://www.withings.com/scanwatch

Muse S

Technology meets meditation.. and now sleep
Muse S meditation and sleep headband

Muse came onto the scene in 2013 with the first ever brain activity sensing headband that helps you to meditate. Fast forward to 2020, and as well as help you to focus and make meditation easier, the company’s latest model, Muse S is their most comfortable yet, and for the first time adds sleep into the mix.

Muse S combines the functionality of Muse 2 with the sleep tracking features from the Softband which the parent company Interaxon debuted at last year’s CES. Instead of the backwards sunglasses styling of previous generations, Muse S is designed with a soft fabric headband enabling you to use in bed and fall asleep with its ‘forget-it’s-there’ comfort.

Packed with sophisticated sensors to measure brain activity, heart rate, breathing, oxygen saturation and movement, the biggest attraction of Muse S are the new ‘Go-To-Sleep Journeys’ which use a blend of  ambient soundscapes, voice narration and ‘real-time biofeedback’ to specifically help you fall asleep easier.

Our Verdict: It’s not cheap, but if you’re a meditation devotee who likes to be on the bleeding edge of technology, Muse S is a standout solution, now beefed up with extra functionality dedicated to sleep and relaxation.

Price and availability: Muse S is available now at $349 . Read Muse S Reviews On Amazon

More info: https://choosemuse.com/muse-s/

Hatch Restore

All in one sleep system with circadian reading light, sleep sounds and sunrise alarm
Hatch Restore

After success with its range of products for children, Silicon Valley company Hatch have released the Hatch Restore their first product to help adults “fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up more naturally.”

Designed with the help of a team of sleep experts, Restore is an all in one sleep solutions featuring for anyone seeking a natural, effective way to promote healthy sleep. Restore features a reading light with tuned spectrum to filter out melatonin blocking blue light. a built-in speaker with a library of relaxing sleep sounds, and a sunrise alarm which gradually brightens to mimic the dawn and wake you in a more natural, gentler way.

Users can customize how they fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up with Restore’s Personalized Sleep Routine. The device can be controlled remotely through the companion app, or without a phone if you prefer a screen-free sleep environment.

Our verdict: By expanding their range outside of baby products, Hatch enters into competition with some big incumbents in sleep-tech including Philips and Lumie. But based on strong customer review feedback over the years, Hatch Restore could be a worthy contender in the crowded field of wakeup lights and all in one sleep aids.

Price and availability: Hatch Restore will be available in early 2020. Price TBA. Read Hatch Reviews On Amazon

More info: https://hatch.co

Motion Pillow

Smart pillow and anti-snoring system
TenMinds Motion Pillow

Shortlisted for a CES 2020 Innovation Awards this year is Motion Pillow, an anti-snoring solution from Korean health-tech firm 10Minds  and comprises of a ‘smart’ pillow, connected to a bedside device, the ‘Solution Box’.

This patented sleep pressure monitoring system senses your head position on the pillow which contains 4 discrete airbags. During the night the Solution Box detects and analyzes sound in the bedroom. When snoring is detected it gently inflates the internal airbags, to reposition the user’s head. This subtle movement of the neck and head temporarily alleviates snoring, allowing for a more restful night of sleep.

Data from the Solution box can be stored so you can monitor your sleeping patterns and trends, to track your progress over a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

This is the second-generation of the Motion Pillow. The main differences are that the new version has a built-in wireless phone charger within the Solution Box, and also V2 dispenses with a power button, as it activates automatically when it detects your head is on the pillow.

Our Verdict: We haven’t tested Motion Pillow yet, and the only thumbs up is if it works for you. But it’s encouraging to see V2 of this anti-snoring tech, increasing the competition for its only other competitor, Smart Nora.

Price and availability: Motion Pillow 2 is due to be out in Q2 2020 and is currently available at IndieGogo for a 50% discount ($210 USD instead of $420RRP ) Check Motion Pillow 1 On Amazon

More Info: http://motionpillow.com/en/home.do

Sleep Number Climate360

Smart bed with climate control
sleep number climate360 smart bed

No CES would be complete without a showing from smart bed manufacturer Sleep Number.  The company’s latest offering the Climate360 sports all of the features of its many predecessors but also incorporates new technology to actively sense the temperature in bed and actively adjust the climate for an optimal night’s rest.

Sleep Number’s Thermal Control technology gently warms your mattress as you into bed sleep, but then, by circulating ambient air it will help to maintain your core body temperature in the optimal zone for better, longer sleep.

The new climate control technology works both for single sleepers and couples, offering discrete temperature control for each side of the bed, ideal if you and your partner have different views on how cool or warm the bed should be.

Sleep Number has also update its SleepIQ technology, which is featured across all Sleep Number 360 beds. The software now provides better personalised recommendations for improving your sleep by monitoring a range of metrics including heart rate, breathing,  heart rate variability as well as the normal sleep metrics you would expect.

Our verdict: Sleep Number continues to innovate and add value to its range of high-end premium smart beds. With the addition of temperature regulation, the  Climate360 edges closer to a vision of the ultimate integrated smart environment for the bedroom.

Price and availability: Climate360 is due out in 2021 and will retail at around $7999

More info: https://www.sleepnumber.com/ces

Ebb Insomnia Therapy

FDA-cleared insomnia therapy using cooling technology
Ebb Insomnia Therapy

Previously available only as an FDA-cleared medical device, Ebb Therapeutics took the opportunity at CES to announce their Total Sleep System is now available to all everyone as a consumer item.

The idea for Ebb came from brain imaging studies conducted by Eric Nofzinger, M.D., Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Ebb Therapeutics. The device consists of a sofware-controlled bedside device that cools and pumps fluid to a forehead pad that is worn through the night.

The headband cools the forehead using an algorithm which maintain an optimal temperature range throughout the night. The resultant effect is a decrease in brain activity, calming the mind, enabling the user to achieve a deeper, more restorative sleep.

Ebb is the result of years of research and scientific publications, culminating in a pivotal clinical study conducted at seven clinical sites across the U.S. The randomized, placebo-controlled trial collecting polysomnographic sleep measurements in 106 adults with primary insomnia and showed a statistically significant reduction in the time it takes to get into the first stage of sleep.

Our verdict: There’s no one size fits all cure for insomnia. But if you’ve tried pills, CBTi, willpower, and every other trick in the book, Ebb’s science-backed cooling therapy is a unique and welcome addition now available to all consumers who suffer with sleepless nights.

Price and availability: The Ebb Total Sleep System is available now at $499. Read Ebb Sleep Reviews On Amazon

More info: https://www.ebbsleep.com/

Lumos Flux

Light therapy wearable glasses you can see through

As well as having a cool name, Lumos Flux has a great pedigree. Founded by ex-Apple engineer Lucas Wen, and pioneering sleep and circadian rhythms researcher Dr. Jamie Zeitzer, the startup was in Las Vegas to showcase a pair of ‘light therapy glasses for night owls’.

Clinically validated at Stanford University, the glasses work by reflecting light back into the wearer’s eyes, stimulating the ganglion cells, and helping to resync your circadian rhythm. The makers claim that by wearing Lumos Flux for at least 30 minutes in the morning, in 5 days your biological clock will start adjusting to the glasses, and you will ‘start to feel aligned with society again.’

Light therapy has been around for a while, and has been used for decades to treat a number of conditions apart from circadian rhythm issues, including SAD and depression.

Traditionally light therapy involved sitting stationary in front of a very bright lamp at your desk, but in recent years, several companies have designed light therapy wearables, giving you the ability to walk around and go about your daily business.

Lumos Flux takes the concept once step further and is the first pair of  but incorporating their tech into a stylish pair of frames into which you can fit any prescription glass or bifocals, making Lumos Flux suitable for all day use. A key innovation of Lumos Flux is their application of the ‘Rayleigh film effect’, which scatters the light such that you can see clearly through the glasses when you’re receiving a dose of light therapy.

Our verdict: Lumos Flux is the best looking, most-likely-to-be-worn light therapy wearable we’ve seen yet. Add into the mix a CEO who used to design Apple products and a CMO with impeccable research credentials, this startup like a hot one to watch…

Price and availability: ​Lumos Flux is launching on IndieGogo in March 2020

More info: https://www.lumosflux.com/

mamaRoo Sleep

Smart baby bassinet with gentle rocking motions

mamaRoo sleep baby bassinet

4moms has been producing smart technology solutions for babies for the past 15 years, and at CES 2020 they unveiled their latest creation, mamaRoo Sleep, an advanced bassinet to gently sway your little one to sleep.

The bassinet attempts to solve one of the biggest problems new parents face, the constant issue of trying to get baby to settle or soothing them back to sleep. It does this by offering unique motorized movement patterns,  gliding up and down and side to side to help baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Each of the five settings – car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rockaby and wave – each have 5 different speed options, totalling 25 movement pattern to choose from.

As well as rocking your baby back to sleep, mamaRoo Sleep also incorporates a vibration option, plus and audio system with four sound options (rain, ocean, fan and shush).

Our verdict: Whilst very similar to the highly regarded Snoo bassinet, at around a quarter of the cost, mamaRoo Sleep looks like a sure fire hit with sleep-deprived moms and dads, especially considering the long-standing pedigree of its existing range of smart baby products.

Price and availability: mamaRoo Sleep will be available in Feb 2020 starting at $330. Check out 4Moms On Amazon

More info: https://www.4moms.com/

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of some of the best consumer sleep tech at CES 2020. Sleep well!

Originally posted at SleepGadgets.io

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