019: How to optimize your sleep when you work night shifts – Carolyn Schur

Despite the constant warnings about the negative health impacts of shift work, the 20-30% of the workforce who work nights and irregular hours provide a vital function to our modern 24/7 society. 

So what are the best practices for shift workers to balance the demands of working shifts, disrupted sleep schedules and all the health, emotional implication this entails? 

We speak to Carolyn Schur who has been helping employers and workers develop practical, evidence-based strategies to cope with all the challenges of working shifts and nights.

This episode’s guest:

carolyn schur shiftwork and sleep podcast


Carolyn Schur is a sleep educator and coach who helps shiftworkers and those with insomnia sleep better. Carolyn works with organizations throughout Canada and the United States using her expertise to optimize employee performance and minimize absenteeism, risk and health costs. 

Her specialities include shiftwork, fatigue management, insomnia and sleep disorders, ‘night owl’ behavior, relationships, communication, conflict.


Website: https://carolynschur.com/

Twitter @schurgoodesleep : https://twitter.com/schurgoodesleep

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolynschur/

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