021: Mindfulness, meditation and sleep – Hope Bastine

Over the last decade, mindfulness – a secular version of  some of the rituals, beliefs and meditation practices originating in ancient Buddhism – has grown into a massive wellbeing trend.

From hugely successful apps like Headspace and Calm to corporate wellness programs and government initiatives, mindfulness and meditation techniques have captured the public imagination.

One of the most popular uses of mindfulness is to facilitate relaxation and help with sleep problems. In today’s podcast we talk to mindfulness expert Hope Bastine to explain the origins, the science and the practice of modern mindfulness and the ways it can be used if you’re experiencing issues with your sleep.

This episode’s guest:

Hope Bastine Mindfulness Sleep Junkies Podcast

Hope Bastine is the founder of wellbeing company, Fresh Perception and is a Mental Health Foundation certified Mindfulness Cognitive Trainer incorporating positive psychology, yoga, and mindfulness-based concepts in her work. She has specialized in insomnia and trauma recovery research with an MSc in Applied Mental Health Research at King’s College London. She is currently researching her PhD in Human Flourishing at the University of Nottingham.

She works as a sleep psychology consultant for Simba Sleep and leads mindfulness and welbeing workshops across Europe. She is an event guest speaker (JAN and HR HiBoB) and a sought-after lifestyle psychology expert contributor to leading publications.


Fresh Perception: https://www.freshperception.com/

Twitter @FPWellbeing : https://twitter.com/FPWellbeing

Instagram @freshperception: https://www.instagram.com/freshperception/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hopebastine

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