For a long time, lavender and its’ essential oils have been known to assist the body with relaxing and calming aromatic vapors. The scent is used in bath salts and soaps, room sprays, carpet freshener and on it’s own in sachets.

Unlike many other herbal remedies and solutions that you find in health stores or online, lavender has a pleasant, light and mellow aroma. There are many different ways to receive the benefits of the lavender, and none of them have been shown to be harmful for daily use, making the plant and the flower safe for all ages, even infants.

Lavender pillows and sleep masks

One of the more popular methods is through the use of a sleep pillow or a lavender sleep mask. They are designed with a soft and comfortable cloth exterior while the insides are stuffed with a mixture of dried lavender flowers, stems and leaves.

When the heat of your skin makes contact with the cloth material, the essential oils are released and the pleasant aroma seeps out, releasing the calming and relaxing properties of the lavender plant.

Lavender sleep masks will also serve you in another way; the oils are a great way to get a bit of natural oils into the delicate skin around the eyes, which tend to become puffy with a continued lack of sleep. This eventually will cause wrinkles around the corners of the eyes, giving your whole face an older or aged appearance.

Lavender for babies

If you have or have ever had to cope with a baby suffering from colic, or if your baby has a tendency to want to play instead of sleep, a sleep spray infused with lavender oils is a terrific, safe and easy to use way to beckon the sleepy-time fairies to visit.

The calming aroma can be spritzed throughout the house and rooms, and for an extra bonus, it is safe to apply on bed linens, even in the crib. (Just be sure to check with your pediatrician before using on very young infants).

There are also bath and skin care products than are scented with the essential oils that may be added to the bathwater and applied to the skin. The calming effects should help bring about a restful nights’ sleep to the little one, and to you, also.

Lavender tea

If the aromatherapy route does not show any promise, there are also edible products available. These safe for consumption products include the lavender plant that may offer you some help in getting rest.

The most commonly and easily digested form of lavender is through the use of steeped, or hot, tea. The flavor is light and sweet when the bags or crushed plants are steeped in hot water, and very pleasant to the taste buds when a little honey or sugar is mixed in.

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