Nocturnal enuresis - bedwetting and sleep

Nocturnal enuresis (Bed wetting)

What is enuresis?

Enuresis is the medical term for bedwetting. Up to the age of five, bedwetting is a normal occurrence due to the fact that the child may not yet have obtained full bladder control. However, enuresis which persists later in childhood and even into adult hood may require further investigation.

In most cases, bedwetting does not have a medical cause and 90% of cases are caused by psychological or unknown reasons. Nevertheless, enuresis can have a significant mental impact causing a great deal of embarrassment and stress particularly in adults and older children. Whilst bedwetting is generally thought of as a childhood problem, it can occur in people of all ages and both sexes.

Bedwetting in children

It is extremely common for children to wet the bed in the night, and most children will have grown out of bedwetting by around the age of 10. Occasional accidents are very common amongst children of all ages, with enuresis only being considered regular if it occurs on at least two occasions each week.

It is important to stress that wetting the bed poses no threat to a child’s physical health, although it may have an impact on their confidence and self-esteem.

In many cases, bedwetting is the result of a simple delay in achieving full bladder control. Occasionally nocturnal enuresis will persist into the teenage years, most often in boys. It is important not to punish or humiliate a child who wets the bed as this can exacerbate the problem. Reassure the child that this is an extremely common problem and that there is no need for embarrassment.

Interestingly, research has found that bed wetting often runs in families and it is not uncommon for siblings to share the same problem. In many cases, a parent will also have a history of bedwetting in their formative years. Secondary nocturnal enuresis is the term used when a child who has previously been dry for several months suddenly starts to wet the bed.

The most common reason for this is some kind of psychological stress for example bullying or family problems. If your child suddenly begins to wet the bed when they had previously been dry, some gentle questioning may reveal a hitherto undisclosed concern or issue. Paradoxically, secondary nocturnal enuresis can also occur when the child feels under pressure not to wet the bed.

Bedwetting in adults

Bed wetting in adults occurs in around 2 % of the population and mainly affects males. As in children, stress and anxiety can significantly contribute to the problem. Other causes include bladder infections, problems with muscle and nerve control, excess intake of coffee or other diuretics late at night, diabetes, prostate problems, sleep apnoea or medications such as sleeping tablets which may deaden some of the signals that generally wake us when we need to urinate.

Excess alcohol can also cause such a sound sleep that the sleeper does not recognise the need to urinate. Occasional bed wetting does not generally signify a problem but when it starts suddenly or occurs regularly, it is best to seek medical advice as it may reveal an underlying medical problem.

One common scenario in adults is a when the sleeper dreams that they are urinating and they wake to find they have urinated in the bed. This type of bedwetting is not generally associated with any medical problem and may be down to a disturbance in REM sleep.

Treatment for enuresis

In children, enuresis is generally short lived and often does not require any special treatment other than reassurance. However, there are options for treating bed wetting should it become a problem. Simple measures such as restricting fluids prior to bed time and ensuring the bladder is fully empty before sleep can be an effective first step. A moisture sensitive bed wetting alarm is effective in up to 75% of patients, sounding a warning buzzer or alarm the moment the user starts to urinate.

In more severe cases medication such as Darifenacin can be prescribed which works by decreasing the acetylcholine receptors which control the desire to urinate. In children, a drug called Desmopressin which reduces the amount of urine produced can be very helpful. Whilst, enuresis can be an embarrassing and distressing condition, there are many effective treatments for it, and your doctor will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

  1. I’m 23 and I have this issue but it only happens when I dream about needing to use the restroom. Almost every time i fall asleep I have R.E.M. sleep and I dream every time i fall asleep. Whenever I’m dreaming about needing to pee or going to the restroom I’m not able to tell that I’m actually dreaming and i wet the bed… i just wish I didn’t dream as much and that they weren’t to vivid and realistic. I’m a competitive runner and this dream was literally about me getting ready to run a race like a 5k and i went to a port a potty to use the restroom and bam i wake up to a wet bed.. so annoying.

  2. For the first time in a long time I wet the bed i didnt wee during the night it was in the morning before i woke up i dreamt that i was using the toilet and to be honest it felt really good like it was the best wee I have ad in years lol but in my dream I was high on cocane ive never taken the drug in my life but in my dream I did and the ski was so bright and beautiful like it was shining on me if thats not a trip I dont no what is lol I just hope this was the first and last time this ever happens im 37 and was quite embarrassed to wake up next to my patner shocking wet so I hope this was a one time thing

  3. Am 22 years, i recently stopped bed wetting, bedwetting comes from your mind, once you control your mind, it will stop, before you sleep just tell yourself that am not going to wet my bed, dont sleep with the fear that what if i wet my bed, no, just lray and sleep, you will thank me later😘

  4. I cannot believe this is a real thing!!! I am 42 and a mother of 3 teenagers and I’ve wet the bed three times in the last two months.I sleep on a very expensive foam mattress that I now have to replace. I was not a child bed wetter so this is really freaking me out. My wetting stems from similar dreams of going to the bathroom and in each dream I literally pee like I’m actually on the toilet. I started dating someone new last year after being single for years and for this reason I will not have him spend the night. if anyone has a solution please post it I am desperate to find a solution!!!

  5. I urinate in my sleep but it happens when I dream I am using a toilet.

  6. I’m 21 y.o. now. I’ve been wetting the bed ever since I can remember. I would always get yelled at. My mom would walk in the room to find me trying to change my sheets and she would yell “wtf!?! You’re still wetting the bed? You’re to old for this sh*t!” Usually it would occur when I had any dreams that had water in it, like a lake, pool, waterfall, using the toilet, etc. My family and my doctor told me I was “being lazy”. I would cry cause I would tell my parents that I really didn’t know when I was peeing, but they didn’t belive me and told me to “get up before it happens” (yeah, makes complete sense 😐 ). Now a days it still happens, just once in a blue moon. It actually just happened tonight thats why I’m commenting, lol! (Probably cause I drank to much) But moral of the story is, if you’re a parent and your child wets the bed, please believe what they’re saying, or else you’ll f up their confidence and self-esteem like my parents did. They’re not lazy, they’re human.

    Stay strong,

  7. I am 19years,It just started recently. I dream peeing. It first happened in my boyfriends house, now at home and its really embarrassing. I don’t entirely pee buh i wake up amidst the peeing.

  8. Every few months I have a dream like I’m going in a toilet but I wake up and I’m soaked in bed. It just happend.i was dreaming of arguing with my girlfriend so I got up to go pee only to jump out of bed in reality. I try to control this,anytime I’m in a toilet i dont recognize or it feels like I’m peeing too long or it feels too good then I jump out of sleep. It dont work everytime but I notice the pee in the dream starts a little bit longer before the actual bedwetting so I have a few seconds to catch it before I start feeling the wetness on my body.i feel like there’s more to this. Kind of a spiritual power that we dont know because mine is always connected to a dream.once I had a dream, fire and dead people everywhere, I survived but for some reason I was peeing on the fire. Only to jump out of bed wet. Another time, I was in the most fancy toilet I ever seeing,I remember it was even rotating, the pee felt so good then I woke up soaked. Do I need help or do i need this dreams to tell me something deeper in my life. Sometimes i feel like it’s a power telling me things. Maybe I need to create something that allows people sleep and bedwet freely because I feel it’s an inner connection more than what it is. I’ll rather have it than not.i just dont want to jump out of bed soaked and my partner disgusted and confused. A few of my past girlfriends knew about it and tried to help. I’m in a new relationship now and she doesn’t know. She’s a germaphobe and I know she will not find it funny.

  9. I’m sixteen and I hv the same problem sometimes I feel ashamed and seems I’m left out, it really hurts, I need help please 😭🙏

  10. I have this issue too and its very frustrating, i don’t know what to do; its more than 4 years since I stopped bed wetting. Am 20 now, and this is the 3rd night am witnessing a bedwet 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.
    Am just confused

  11. This makes me feel so much better knowing that there are other adults dealing with this same issue. I’ve been a bed wetter since a very young age. I’m now 20 years old in a serious relationship and it can be quite embarrassing when it happens. It makes me feel disgusting.

    I had to explain this issue to my partner once we moved in together. Luckily he was understanding. Sometimes I can tell it frustrates him.

    I’ve been wanting to get treated for it because it also stops me from spending the night with friends. This has been something that has affected me all throughout elementary, middle, and high school. I was afraid of going to sleepovers as children and teenagers can be very cruel. I hope that my boyfriend doesn’t get fed up with it,I’m afraid I’ll lose him. I don’t want this issue to control my life.

  12. Bedwetting can be related to sleeping too deeply. I learned this after wetting the bed all through childhood and into my early teens. There was a company called Pacific International (now out of business) that used the sleep alarm with a very involved program. Sometimes the person who wets can sleep so deeply that they will actually sleep through the alarm (or like the going to the bathroom dream, the alarm is incorporated into a dream as some other loud noise.) Because of this, the PI program required that someone get up with the person who wets and wipe off their face with a cloth dipped in cold water. I was told that sleep walking is a related sleep issue. Anyway, you could only sleep in your PJ tops so that the alarm would sound as soon as the first drop hit it. I remember that I also had to write letters to a person at PI. I had hoped to volunteer there doing the same for others, but the founder died and the company no longer exists. Sleep alarms alone don’t work. My parents had tried one from another place before they hired Pacific International. There is nothing physically or mentally wrong with most people who wet the bed. When I mention my research, so many adults will confide in me that they don’t drink liquids at night to avoid an incident. I have been “dry” for decades and I drink water right before bed every night. Rest in peace, Eugene B. Draper.

  13. I’m 49 and I used to wet bed more than once at night with and without the dream until I had my first child at 22 yrs old. After that it would happen once in awhile. For a few years it hadn’t happened and now it’s happening more than once month. Seems like doctors don’t know how to treat this. I thought I was weard. Reading all this comments made me believe I’m not weard. I grew up with a grandma and uncle who used to beat me every morning and sometimes wake me beating me because of this. I now have a 5 yrs old daughter with the same problem and I just don’t give her liquid at night and I sometimes take her to pee when sleeping so she can be dry most nights. I don’t want her to have low self esteem because of this. I know I grew up with low self steem because of bed wetting. I usually don’t comment, but reading here has helped me in knowing I am not alone and I’m not weird. Many people my have this, just like me are affraid to comment. My husband knows about this, i still manage to hide it most of the times. Need help

  14. Been waking up wet or peeing after a wetting dream for a few years now. I started wearing a diaper and most nights I don’t even wake up anymore. It’s an inconvenience but it’s really not that big of a deal.

  15. I’m 41 years old and I don’t know what my wife thinks everytime I wet the bed. The recent that it happened was I wet a lot that my upper body is also soaking wet when I jumped up of bed surprised! I was dreaming I was from work hurrying to get home. And when I was home I went straight to the toilet to urinate. I was urinating like it was real only to find out I was sound asleep in bed urinating! I woke up soaking wet up to my upper body. I had no choice but to wake up also my wife because she’ll find out anyway, and also to help me dry things up. I’m felt so embarrassed to her. I also wet the bed before but not a lot like this recently. And it’s a long time since the last time, like it was more than a year ago. I don’t know what to do. But I’m a bit relieved that it’s just not me that have this kind of problem. God bless us all with this kind of condition.

  16. I been having this problem for 5 years now I dream peeing and when I woke up I felt that I bedwetting twice a month please help me

  17. Please i really need help of bed wet it is embarrassing me in my life please help me

  18. Am 29 I also having a problem of bed wet it’s happening at night ,it’s comes in the dream

  19. I’m 26years but I have a problem of peeing in the bed just once in a month or after two months, give me feedback, I really want to stop it completely

  20. I’m 22 and still wet myself when I’m asleep, normally when I’m really tired after a late shift at work. Quite often it’s that weewee dream other people have mentioned, I dream I need to go, and then find somewhere to do it. And when I wake up I’ve done it in the bed. So anyone else who does this just remember you’re not the only one.

  21. So frustrated! I am 53 years old, I am so relieved to see that I am not the only person with this problem. I thought I was going crazy! I would have these dreams that I was running around looking for a bathroom and when I found one I would sit down go to use the bathroom and it felt like the toilet was overflowing but what was really happening was that I was urinating in bed and on myself. I just bought this mattress that I’m using now and it looks like I’m gonna have to replace it but I need to find help somewhere. I tried to talk to my doctor about it. But she’s just not listening! I’m gonna pray and look for some other options. But I do feel better after seeing that I am not alone! God bless us all!

  22. When I was about 7 months pregnant I had a dream that I was peeing and it was so fulfilling but when I woke up the bed was soaked. Now 4 months after my baby is born it happened again. I am so embarrassed. I have no idea what my husband is going to think.i have had trouble with wetting the bed into my early teens and suddenly it just came back.

  23. I’m 22 and I’ve had this issue since a I was a kid. I grew up in an abusive house where I saw my parrents use violence often. When I turned 18 my parrents got separated and I became a little more independent, wtting the bed stopped ocurring as often. Now a day it rarely happens but when it does it is very frustrating. It usually happens when I drink water before sleeping and the temperature of my room is too cold. Depending on how much water I drank I could wake up in a wet bed or with wet pants while holding my pee. This has made me grow up with low self esteem. My psychologist told me that dealing with eneuresis for so long and never being able to stop it has contributed in my believe that I’m not able to accomplish my goals and therefore I tend to not be constant and give up fast.

    To everyone dealing with this problem just wanted to tell you that you’re not alone and that having this doesn’t make you less deserving of what you want in life than others.

  24. I am 44 years old and I have been having bedwetting issues most of my life. When I was younger, it happened if I drink too much alcohol but now. It usually happens when I dream I am on the toilet or searching for a toilet. I am supposed to wake up at that time but I don’t. Once I start using the toilet, and it seems as though I can’t stop in my dream. Once the toilet starts to overflow, I am already starting to go for real. I jump up to go to the bathroom. Sometimes I make it and sometimes I have started going in the bed. My husband is very understanding but I am embarrassed. I usually have that dream when I am stressed but not all of the time. I really need help.

  25. I’m glad I’m the only one , I’m 18 and I have this problem not often but every couple of months and it’s really embarrassing because I sleep with my boyfriend and he doesn’t know and I won’t tell him , I have dreams that I am about to pee somewhere and In my dream I try to slap myself to see if I’m not dreaming and when I think I am not dreaming and let it out and I wake up and end up getting the bed wet

  26. And here I thought I was the only one with this problem. I’m fifty three today, I’ve had a problem peeing the bed for five or so years now. I’ve had the pee dreams,and every other situation. I have to wear a diaper at night which is so freaking ridiculous. I am happy that I’m not in a relationship or married. As long as I have this issue I will never be in a relationship it would be way too embarrassing. Just glad to know I’m not the only one out there with this issue, I wish you all the best who have commented.

  27. I’ve been wetting the bed since I was a little girl and every doctor I go to they tell me it’s a UTI and prescribe me the same over the counter AZO medication. Growing up it’s been on and off but this past month it’s been every night. It’s really embarrassing and its making me extremely depressed. I even stopped sleeping over at my boyfriend’s because of it even though he says it doesn’t bother him. I’ve tried everything. I completely cut out caffeine and alcohol, I limited my water intake to one 16floz bottle a day, I have alarms set every 3 hours throughout the night to wake me up to urinate and I still wake up drenched. I’ve looked up medications for bed wetting and ask my doctors to prescribe it to me so I can at least try it but since I’m not a diabetic they won’t give it to me.

  28. I have had bed wetting problems since childhood and they have gotten worse in past years,at 38 years old what used to be once a month now is nearly every night and I have tried everything! I have come to conclude that a diaper at night is the only solution. Most all morning’s I wake with the diaper soaked and no knowledge of it happening but at least it isn’t the bed soaked.. this has ruined my relationships and seems no woman will understand. I wish people were more compassionate

  29. I too had a dream where I had to go into the men’s room to pee, strangely enough, I’m not a man….. Which really threw me off. Anyways, I did get to go finish peeing.

  30. Hi,!i have a bed wetting problem for a long time and it happens some tims

  31. I been having this problem as long as I can remember but now its different I’m having dreams I’m going and I get up the bed is wet my girlfriend said she ok with it but I feel like she is just saying that to make me not feel bad but I hurts me everytime it’s not all the time it happens maybe once every 3or4 months and idk what to do I dont drink before bed and it still happens I tried so many different things and nothing is working this is so embarrassing like idk what to do this is very upsetting like I feel like I can even sleep over because I’m afraid of this happening this is ruining my life I need help

  32. Am so embarrassed about my present situation right now because am so afraid associating myself with people. Am 23yrs old and still bed-wet, I have tried several means to stop bed-wetting but to no avail. It mostly comes with dreams or when am very cold, please i need help urgently.

  33. I am 62 years old and I have been having bedwetting issues most of my life. When I was younger, it happened if I drink too much alcohol but now. It usually happens when I dream I am on the toilet or searching for a toilet. I am supposed to wake up at that time but I don’t. Once I start using the toilet, and it seems as though I can’t stop in my dream. Once the toilet starts to overflow, I am already starting to go for real. I jump up to go to the bathroom. Sometimes I make it and sometimes I have started going in the bed. My husband is very understanding but I am embarrassed. I usually have that dream when I am stressed but not all of the time. I really need help.

  34. I can’t find anything that’s really helpful it happened literally once! I dreamed I was peeing woke up like instantly I stopped it and started to walk to the bathroom when it started again I thought “woah wtf am I pregnant, cause this was just like when my water broke” but nope I got to the bathroom and released a lot and I mean A LOT of urine… idk if I should be concerned about this or not….

  35. Only time I wets the bed when my ex boyfriend yells at me. It started after 4yrs of our relationship he beats and yells at me. We dated for 13yrs. I finally stop wetting the bed after we broke up. Start dating someone else and a year went by no bed wetting, until I ran into my ex we started sneaking around with each other and once again the fighting and yelling start again and once again I start wetting the bed but this time I almost did it with my current boyfriend but he woke me up in time cause he said I was tossing and turning like I was fighting with someone but I made it to the bathroom in time. I’m starting to believe I don’t need to be messing around with my ex anymore. That wasn’t the first time my boyfriend than woke me up cause of my nightmares he say and he wakes me up before I went myself.

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