Slate Magazine "The Drift" A blog about sleep

Slate Magazine launches new blog about sleep “The Drift”

We love the fact that the conversation about sleep seems to be growing every day. Slate Magazine seems to be picking up on the zeitgeist and have started a brand new ‘pop-up’ blog, titled “The Drift” which is exclusively about sleep.

The Drift talks not just about the science and health aspects of sleep that a lot of sleep sites seem to cover, but also the massively important role of sleep in culture, art and entertainment.

Here’s an excerpt from their opening post.

The Drift, a pop-up blog that will run in Slate from now through Thanksgiving (that sleepiest day of the year), will be a space for considering sleep from as many vantage points as there are threads in a fine set of sheets. We’ll look at the latest science and health advice, but we’ll also examine sleep as it engages with our art and entertainment as well. We’ll look at products meant to help us sleep, and reevaluate etiquette meant to help us do it more politely. We’ll hear personal stories of the sandman’s strangest habits, and maybe even eavesdrop on a dream or two. The goal, overall, is not to cover all of sleep—there aren’t enough hours in the night—but simply to wallow in it for a bit.


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