Announcing the Somnex Sleep Show 2018 – get involved!

It’s rare to have the opportunity to get excited about an event based around sleep.

But earlier this year Sleep Junkies spoke to the organisers of Somnex – The Sleep Show – a brand new event celebrating the best in sleep health, innovation and technology.

And we liked what we heard so much, we decided to partner with the organisers to help publicize and raise awareness of this unique opportunity. Somnex will welcome members of the public, and the business and health sectors, in a wide ranging program of events to celebrate the cutting edge of sleep, health, innovation and technology.

What is the Somnex Sleep Show?

Somnex takes place between 12-14th October 2018 in London, UK and is the the only event dedicated to the sleep-health industry. With over 40 years experience in the media and events industry, the organisers say Somnex will host:

  • 10,000 consumers
  • 550 sleep industry buyers
  • 160 exhibitors
  • 50 speakers

Plus there will be a wealth of talks, activities, classroom demos all focussed on sleep, health and technology.

Somnex Sleep Show 2018 London

Needless to say, Sleep Junkies will be there and we will also be attending Somnex’s Breakfast Briefing on 21st March.

This is pre-show event where a panel of experts will debate the pros and cons of sleep-health initiatives and discussing:

  • Why successful people sleep more – following in the footsteps of Obama and Arianna
  • Sleep 101 – why it matters and why the sleepless elite were wrong!
  • Analysing the data: why encouraging your employees to sleep better directly impacts their productivity and benefits the company
  • #sleepbetter – just another fad? What’s the real science and research behind the hype
  • One size does not fit all – examining the different initiatives businesses are implementing and finding something that works for your company culture
  • It’s all about the tech – reviewing the latest gadgets and apps available today and which ones actually make a difference
  • What does the future hold for sleep – top tips and predictions from our panelists

Come and get involved. If you wish to attend the breakfast briefing you can get 50% OFF by using Sleep Junkies’ discount code SJDISC50 when you visit this link >>
>> Somnex Sleep Show  – Breakfast Briefing 21st March 2018

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