046: Robots, innovation and the sleep economy – Julian Jagtenberg

Technology and sleep have a troubled relationship. On one hand, doctors and therapists remind their patients to banish every gadget and gizmo from the bedroom, lest they act as addictive, irresistible slumber-stealing distractions.

On the other side however, there’s a fast growing cohort of innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and sleep practitioners who recognise the unbounded potential of technology to improve, rather than detract from our sleep.

In this episode we talk to Julian Jagtenberg, co-founder of Somnox, a company at the vanguard of the vibrant, innovative 21st century consumer sleep technology industry. We talk to Julian about the world’s first sleep robot, and how the new ‘sleep economy’ may offer exciting new pathways and opportunities to help people overcome sleep issues, without resorting to pills, or potions.

This episode’s guest:

Julian Jagtenberg Somnox Podcast Sleep Junkies

Julian Jagtenberg is Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Somnox, the world’s first sleep robot. Created to fight insomnia, help the sleep deprived and start a global sleep revolution, Somnox was borne from Julian’s desire to help his mother manage and overcome insomnia without the need for prescription medication.

He graduated with honors from the Delft University of Technology with a degree in Industrial Design, and also holds a minor in Robotics from the Delft Biorobotics Lab

As an industrial design engineer, Julian is on a mission to develop soft robotics to contribute to health and well-being. With multiple design and engineering awards, including the James Dyson Award, Philips Innovation Award, Robotdalen Innovation Award and Sprout’s 25 under 25, Julian passionately believes in the ability of robotics to help humans live happier and healthier lives.

Julian’s website: https://julianjagtenberg.com/

Somnox website: https://somnox.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julianjagtenberg/

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