Do you know what kind of mattress you’re sleeping on?

There’s no real consensus from doctors on what kind of mattress provides the best night of sleep. This is because the best mattress depends on each individual’s unique circumstances and preferences.

But there are several ways that a mattress can impact your sleep quality. If you’re not careful and don’t do proper research ahead of buying one, you may find that your sleep quality is less than optimal. I will go through the potential options and ultimately conclude what features of a mattress are worth paying for.

Memory foam

Lower-quality memory foam mattresses can make you hot as the night progresses. As you sink into the mattress during the course of the night, the bed will feel warmer. As it gets hotter, you will start to sweat and you will often wake up in discomfort.

This discomfort can make it quite difficult to go back to sleep, and the interruption of waking up will throw off your normal sleeping cycles. Higher quality companies often match memory foam with a latex foam component to keep the mattress cool.

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Joint and muscle pain

Poorly constructed mattresses can easily lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain. If the bed is too firm, it will put a lot of pressure on your shoulder. This alone is terrible for sleep quality and it will also give you pains on your side.

If your mattress is too soft, it may promote bad, unnatural posture, which can lead to back troubles eventually. The right mattress provides a good balance between comfort and support.

There has not been a definitive study on the proper firmness of a mattress, and much of it depends on each individual, but a mattress that is too firm or too soft can lead to many different complications and negatively impact sleep quality.

Beware of chemicals

Some companies may use certain chemicals in the process of manufacturing their mattresses. As a result, some people may be allergic to their mattress without even knowing it.

Certain types of foam, for example, are processed with formaldehyde and other irritating solutions. Other manufacturing processes are not careful in disallowing foreign particles from entering the mattress.

If you are not careful, your mattress could contain different things that you could be allergic to. This is something most people don’t realize and it is something that can have a big impact on sleep quality.

Try before you buy?

Trying out a mattress while awake can be misleading and lead to bad purchase decisions. This is because your muscles act much differently during REM sleep from when you are awake.

The comfort that you need from our mattresses therefore is different from when you are awake and from when you are asleep. If you rely too much on how you feel when you try out mattresses while awake, you may be disappointed that your sleep quality is much lower.

Going premium

You should be willing to pay a premium for a high quality mattress. A better mattress can alleviate back and shoulder pain and will allow you to get to sleep faster and wake up less often.

You are essentially saving a lot of money from avoiding costs associated with back and shoulder pain and lost productivity from being much more tired during the day. Better-quality mattresses also last longer, so you won’t have to buy a new one as often.

Because mattresses can have such a significant impact on your sleep, you should do a lot of research before buying one and be willing to pay a premium for a great one.

About the author:

Kenny Kline is a mattress and sleep expert and is also the editor of the website

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